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Here at D.I.Y. Defense, we strive to offer the highest quality self-defense gear on the market and to educate others on safe defense. From Saftey Keychains to Defense Keychains, to Travel and Drink safety, we have a design everyone is sure to love!

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Which Defense Set is Right for You?

Choosing a Defense Keychain is about more than just getting a cute one (though from us that is guaranteed!) Each of our sets are designed to with the following factors in mind: Age, Location, Legality, Usability, and Comfortability.

  • Sunflower Child Safety Keychain

    Child Safety

    These 10pc Child Saftey Keychain Sets are a parents dream! Featuring a tracking alarm tag that notifies you when your child gets too far away, two fun toys, a personal alarm, and more. These Child Safety Keychains perfect accessory for taking your kids out into the world. They are sure to be our biggest hit yet!

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  • Weenie Dog Safety Keychain

    Safety Keychain

    These 10pc Safety Keychain Sets come equipped with the defense basics! As our most simple safety set, these keychains do not include any weapons making them ideal for school-aged customers or those who work in weapon-free environments. Pepper Spray can be added at an additional cost (Coming soon!).

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  • Mermaid Scale Defense Keychain

    Defense Keychain

    These 13pc Defense Keychain Sets come loaded with three combat defense tools! As our most advanced set, these keychains include a cat tool, pocketknife, and kubaton in addition to everything in our Safety Keychain Set. Pepper Spray and Stun Guns can be added at an additional cost (Coming soon!). 

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