About Us

D.I.Y. Defense is a small women owned, and operated business located in Lynchburg, VA. We sell self-defense and safety keychains for ALL ages. Our keychains are assembled in house custom to your order with high quality materials.

In a world so chaotic and unpredictable, we think our personal safety and that of those we care about is a top priority. While that may seem like a no-brainer, arming ourselves and our loved ones with the right tools is only a fraction of the fight. Many states have made certain defense tools like cats and kubatons illegal or have serious restrictions in place that could land you or someone you care about in an uncomfortable situation with the law. Though, we are by no means qualified to give legal advice, we want to keep our customers informed to the best of our ability so we can help avoid these less than desirable occasions.

Considering the serious offences that can be associated with these defense tools, it is shocking that there is little to be said about it on the internet, especially by others selling these items. Unlike them, our goal is to protect you, not just by selling you one of our defense keychains, but by giving you the knowledge to make sure it doesn't land you in jail. We want to find the best match for you, so that you can legally defend yourself. Afterall, no one wants their 16-year-old expelled from school or, God forbid, arrested for carrying an illegal weapon.

When ordering from our site, be sure to be on the lookout for items marked illegal or restricted in your state and as always, we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement if you are uncertain whether a product is legal in your area.